A New Personal breathalyzer you can fit in your shot glass about to launch on Indiegogo

WearSmith is the latest personal breathalyzer to enter the arena. It is to launch this month on Indiegogo and ship later this autumn.

It is as light as an eraser and very compact — the smallest and lightest breathalyzer on the market. You can easily slip it in your pocket or purse. If your smartphone runs out of juice, WearSmith works standalone as well. Just blow into it and read the result on its built-in display. It takes less than 20 seconds.

WearSmith is also much more affordable than its competitors during the Indiegogo launch. With its limited-time promotional price on Indiegogo you can get a great deal for yourself and a gift for your significant other for the upcoming holiday season.

Be quick! There won’t be enough for everybody; first come first serve!

The free app (available on both GooglePlay and the App Store) provides other useful information, like calculating how long it will take to sober up. If you are over a certain BAC level, the app can be configured to automatically call for help (friend, taxi, your parents etc…)

The design mirrors that of a cut diamond; WearSmith is available in 4 colors.

WearSmith is launching very soon on Indiegogo — don’t miss your chance for special offers!

Image Below: If you want you can connect the  WearSmith breathalyzer to your smartphone through Bluetooth and let it calculate your recovery time among other features

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