“I’m not too drunk to drive” — how often do you hear this mistake? This new app will help!

You’ve had a couple drinks with friends and now you’re wondering about your BAC (blood alcohol concentration). Will you blow over .08 if a cop pulls you over?

There are plenty of apps and websites to help you with this — WearSmith is one such answer.

Let’s check the WearSmith app.

First of all, the app is FREE. The app is part of the WearSmith breathalyzer that is about to launch on Indiegogo, but you can use it on you phone without the breathalyzer.

After setting up your profile (sex, weight, etc….), blow into WearSmith and it will display your BAC in less than 20 seconds. You can choose the units, whether you want mg/L or %. According to your profile, the app will calculate the time your body needs to eliminate all the alcohol in your body. When the timer reaches zero, you should be completely sober.

With the WearSmith app, you can also manually calculate your BAC without using the breathalyzer by entering the types of drinks and amounts you’ve had. For example: three beers, two shots of whiskey, and one glass of wine.

To complicate matters, everyone metabolizes alcohol differently and has different tolerances. The difference between a frat boy and casual wine drinker can be staggering. This is why setting up a detailed profile is important for accuracy.

Last but not least, the app has very cute manga-style characters to show your drinking status to friends. They have different sets for men and women.


Image below: You can use the app to calculate your drinking capability and track your historic data among others.

drink capability 4-horz


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