A New Revolution: Equity crowdfunding

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are well known as leaders in crowdfunding. Until now, to back a start-up project, the only choice you had was buying perks — pre-buying the product that will go to market if funded. But what if you are not interested in buying a product and only want to invest in the start-up as you would normally do in the stock market?

Well, that’s now possible: the Title III JOBS act passed in last May; Indiegogo may soon become the leader in equity crowdfunding since its rival kickstarter clearly stated that it had no intention to offer this service. Indiegogo definitely has great potential with its millions of backers and daily visibility.


“…it comes pre-loaded with 7 million backers of 650,000 campaigns, who have collectively raised close to $1 billion over the past eight years.”

So stay tuned and you may soon be able to invest your money in some new promising start-ups, with more to show for it than simply the product itself.

Source : Fortune

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