New Portable Breathalyzer Launches Indiegogo Campaign

WearSmith, a new personal breathalyzer, just launched on Indiegogo: check out their campaign here. WearSmith fits in your pocket and, unlike some of its competitors, doesn’t require a smartphone to operate.

The new standalone device tests your BAC level in seconds and displays measurements directly on its built-in screen. Users can also opt to use their WearSmith together with an official app for expanded features via Bluetooth connection.

Weighing only about 19 grams, it’s definitely easy to take anywhere. Its battery is user-replaceable and lasts for up to 1000 tests.

Brian Chen, lead researcher, has this to say about WearSmith: “We’ve all experienced some scary situations while out drinking. Creating WearSmith, our team sought to reduce the risk of poor decisions by keeping people informed about their bodies and limits. Many drinkers have never once taken a breathalyzer test. What if we never measured our weight? Our heart rate? Our blood pressure?”

Early backers can get it for a huge discount of only$69USD (MSRP $12o) — fund it now:


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